Blackhead Removal Tools & Methods

Welcome to Blackhead Removal Methods. We aim to provide you information on your search for various methods regarding blackhead removal options.

These pore clogging formations can be frustrating and difficult. There are many tools that aid in the process of blackhead extraction. Please be aware that by using some of these tools you risk damaging your sensitive facial tissues. The best approach to getting rid of blackheads would be to combine the use of a blackhead removal product with natural methods in order to achieve clear skin that is not overstressed. Steaming the skin allows for softening before blackhead removal.

A blackhead should only be removed when the head has popped out from under the surface,and when itis clearly visible. Squeezing or pressing on areas affected with blackheads that are not yet ready to be removed can cause a skin infection. This occurs because the toxins mixed with oil that cause blackheads can shoot down into the skin instead of shooting out like they should.

Note: Blackheads do not always appear "black." Most often, they will appear to have a yellow-brown color.

Blackhead Extractors: These stainless steel extraction tools are highly effective but can bedangerous as well due to the risk of scarring and tissue damage. Always use caution and , in some cases, the help of a professional if you intend to use these tools. Read more...

Blackhead Removal Guns: Blackhead removal guns use suction power to literally vacuum blackheads out of your pores. These are safe but only effective if proper procedures are followed. Read more...

Blackhead Removal Strips: The most popular and mainstream method of blackhead removal is the use of nose strips and face strips. This is an effective treatment that yields little to no side effects if used as intended. Read more...

Tweezers: Sterilized tweezers that are used for eye-brows are an option if you come across an emergency situation where blackheads need prompt removal.

Your choice of the blackhead removal tool will solely depend on the overall condition and type of your skin. If you suffer from acne or have stressed skin, or are prone to acne scarring it would be beneficial to use a conservative approach to remove your blackheads.